Suspension Bridge

This footbridge traverses the River Ow in County Wicklow and leads to a woodland garden created in the early 20th century. It measures exactly ten meters from pillar to pillar and has been constructed on the site of a long since ruined bridge. There were no photographs or drawings of the original bridge, and only one surviving buttress provided a trace of its location.

Inspired by suspension bridges in other Irish gardens such as Birr Castle and in particluar Mount Usher, and by the low impact they have on the water course, with no need for a centre butress; this style made perfect sense for traversing the fiery first stage waters of the River Ow.

Two gothic arches formed with concrete add a theatrical touch, and provide the structural pillars to suspend the wire ropes and drop metals. The walkway is made of heavy larch planks and the visitor is met by a tight and satisfying bounce when walking along. The bridge serves as both functional walkway and excellent viewing point for taking in the vistas of the river and sets the tone nicely for discovering the woodland garden beyond.